Radio production in the digital era

Radio production in the digital era

Perch Media Trust with support from UNESCO conducted a 2-day radio production training for community radios in Manicaland.
The trainings covered areas such as radio formats, interviewing skills, social media management, digital archiving, digital platforms (video casting), using social media, resource mapping and mobilisation and concept note writing.

Community radios such as NdauFM, Avuxeni, and Nyangani FM attended the training which was held at Chimanimani FM.
Participants were taken through theory and practicals on how to use social media to enhance their stations branding.
Social media trainer, Mary Mundeya, encouraged community radios to make use of social media platforms for resource mapping and publicity.

“Social media can be used to attract people to get to know you and pay attention to what you do as a station or an individual. Through social media you create opportunities to increase listernship and attract stakeholders for sponsorship,” said Mundeya.

Training on radio formats, interview skills and resource mapping and mobilisation Perch Media Trust representative Munyaradzi Chimwara urged community radios to identify and network with stakeholders within their areas for sustainable resources and growth of their stations.

Bright Barwe NyanganiFM station manager said the radio production trainings have made it possible for them to move the radio forward.

“The training equipped us both theoretically and practically. As community radio stations in the digital era we have learnt to use social media platforms to enhance our brands,” said Barwe.Violet Mafanele a presenter from AvuxeniFM said it was great experience learning more about radio production especially interviewing skills and concept note writing as well as learning how to sync radio with social media for resource mobilisation and branding.




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