Govt takes aim at drug menace

Govt takes aim at drug menace

Zimbabwe has set up structures for the establishment of an institutional framework on the elimination of drug and substance abuse which has reached alarming levels.

In a statement after cabinet approval of the structure, Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa said drug and substance abuse has destroyed societal morals.

“Cabinet is deeply concerned that the drug and substance abuse scourge in Zimbabwe has reached levels which are wracking havoc in families and threatening the core of societal norms and value,” said Mutsvangwa.
She added that most of the dangerous drugs and substances being abused were being imported with the traffickers working with local drug lords and criminal elements in society.

In that regard, government set up a National Committee on the elimination of drug and substance abuse which will be empowered to come up with systematic and sustainable responses that will assist in ensuring that the society is free of substance and drug abuse.

“Cabinet agreed that the Committee will use the time tested framework which is already operational and is divided into three segments namely; Search and Rescue, Rehabilitate; and Promote Resilience and Sustainability. The structures of the Committee are going to start at the lowest tier and escalated from the bottom to the top,” said Mutsvangwa.

“At the Community Level, Committee will be chaired by Traditional leaders and all other relevant persons or authorities in the community, at district level chaired by District development coordinators supported by District heads of Chiefs, other authorities at that level, at provincial level chaired by Ministers of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution with support from all relevant authorities at that level and the national level will be chaired by the Minister of Defence and War Veterans Affairs, deputised by the Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage.”

The national committee will coordinate clean-up campaign on drug and substance abuse and will include all the Ministers currently serving on the out gong International Ministerial Task Force.

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