Tradition is fixed but culture is dynamic therefor we cannot change tradition but culture changes as the world progress. Biblically, it’s in men’s culture for them to say women came out of their ribs but scientifically its in women’s nature to say the word ‘men’ is derived from the word ‘women’ #Respect every woman!


Talking of tradition, the credit goes to women. Days of the week that makes up a year are cyclic. Even when walking, legs are cyclic through their left and right exchange. Everything on this earth is repetitive and so are menstrual days and this shows that traditionally females have been recognized and holds a high social standing already. If our own tradition can respect a woman, what makes a man disrespect her?

Historically, women have been uplifted and given a large portion of ownership as compared to their male counterparts. When you visit so many historical sites for example Great Zimbabwe and Khami ruins just to mention a few, you can feel a motherly touch. The shevlon patten on the Zimbabwean bird, the clay pots and traditional drums is symbolic. It symbolizes a ‘SHE’ through its V shape.

Several times females have been termed as the weaker gender, not strong enough to raise a family without a man. Scientifically females have proven to be the strongest creatures on earth with or without a man. For example the female spider kills the male spider after mating to prove she doesn’t need a man to take care of neither her nor her children. By so doing, she highlights that the children belongs to the mother. In the same way single mothers have managed to raise strong families on their own.

Having been living in a patriarchal society has made males feel superior and regard women as the second class citizens. The government has implemented women empowerment programs such as the right to choose between right and wrong. Long back in the African society, marriage was regarded as the basis of womanhood. In this up to date century an educated woman is highly esteemed even if she is single. An ambitious single lady holds a high social standing in the exact same way an educated man does. Through women empowerment education is now a frame to the exquisite of any woman.

In conclusion, The journey of motherhood is not as easy as one might think just like as it is, never a rose without thorns. Like spiders up the wall mothers risk it all. They become sledgehammers to every brick laid upon them. Indeed pain is a woman! They undergo period the pandemic not forgetting the excruciating pain that labour offers.

Whenever you feel like looking down upon any woman as a man then you should ask yourelf why ‘mother earth’ and not father earth? #Never underestimate the value of a woman. As we commemorate mother’s day lets bare in mind that every single day that makes 365 days is a mother’s day”


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